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    Advise about strategies
    Analyse operational excellence
    Aid in research and development


    Advise in operator selection
    Counsel in hotel management agreements
    Aid in financing for acquisition and construction processes

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    Irem Ozkazanc


    Employment Record

    Dogus Holding - Tourism Group
    Director of Finance(2004-2008)
    Arthur Andersen, Assurance and Business Advisory
    Audit Manager (2004-1998)


    Arthur Andersen, Business Consulting
    Assistant Consultant (1999-1999)
    The Shell Company of Turkey Ltd.
    Accountant (1997-1996)

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    Specific expertise

    Dogus Holding - Tourism Group

    Was responsible for the financial and operational performance of 9 companies; 6 hotels, 2 marinas and 1 luxury goods retail company that runs 9 stores.

    Directly reporting to the CEO and the Board of Directors. Supervised the finance, tax and accounting, budgeting and reporting, internal control and IT team of 45 people.

    Executed the development of new hotel projects starting from the business plan preperation and financing arangements through project monitoring phases.

    Performed operational controls for hotels and impact analysis for major operational decisions and reviewed their outcomes.

    Supervised the annual hotel capital expenditure cycle.

    Managed the operational cash flows at daily, annual and bi-annual levels.

    Reviewed the accounting records made by the accounting team for management and statutory reporting purposes and finalized them for statutory filings and BoD presentations.

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    Specific expertise

    Carried out an effective tax planning process co-working with the tax consultants.

    Reviewed the budgets prepared by the budgeting team and finalized them with BoD and monitored the forecasts versus actual performance.

    Supervised the internal control procedures in terms of operational and statutory compliance.

    Carried out the correspondences and negotiations with the hotel operator companies regarding the management of the hotels on the owning company side.

    Has built an expertise in hotel management agreements in terms of contracting process.

    Has built an expertise in franchise agreements for the retail of luxury garments in terms of contracting process and supervised shop openings.

    Followed up the performance of the shops according to sales, inventory levels, discounts and sales premiums to personnel.

    Executed the human resources function and union contracts negotiation.

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    Specific expertise

    Arthur Andersen

    Supervised the IT function.

    Conducted the financial statements audit of a wide variety of clients and issued audit reports.

    Focused mainly on hotel investor and operator companies, brokerage companies and investment funds.

    Performed process reviews and internal control assessments for various worldwide hotel chains, banks and brokerage companies.

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    Marmara University, Business Administration
    Accounting and Finance Major (1994-1998)


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